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6i Bio

Name Diana of Themyscira
Also known as Diana Prince
Codename Wonder Woman

Gender Female
Age over 5000
Visible Age Mid-Twenties
Scrubs Color Black
Residence Residence Here
Occupation Job Here

Sexuality Bi-sexual
Dating History n/a

Mother Hippolyta
Father Zeus
Family Ares (paternal half-brother)
Antiope (aunt)

Height 5'10"
Build Slender but muscular
Hair dark brown
Eyes brown

Tattoos n/a
Scars n/a
Player Holly
Timezone Mountain
Plurk taintedstuff
Discord taintedstuff#8725
Email darkest.celestial@gmail.com
PB Gal Gadot
Even though Diana is a warrior, she is a very caring and loyal person. She was born, raised and trained as an Amazon and is royalty since her mother, Hippolyta, is Queen of the Amazons and her father is Zeus, ruler of the Greek Gods. She is very proud of her heritage and has a strict moral code that she has butted heads with others about. She has no trouble showing her love and compassion to those around her, as Amazons were brought to bring love and peace to humanity. She's dedicated her life to protecting humanity and stopping injustices wherever she might find them and is more than willing to sacrifice herself for the world and those in it.

Diana doesn't allow her emotions to (often) control her. She is an independent thinker. She not only believes in justice, peace, love and compassion, but also in equality. This often comes in the form of gender equality, however her beliefs of equality passes over to all kinds, not just by gender. She is a leader, a charismatic presence, and a kind soul. There are few people, she's found, that dislike her, and she's determined that it's those people that she doesn't need in her life. It sounds arrogant, but Diana believes in surrounding herself by like-minded, kind people, who are positive, peaceful, and compassionate, all characteristics she, herself, has.

Diana is incredibly smart. It is said that Diana is of genius level intellect. She has a natural fluency in all human languages (even dead ones, like Latin, Ancient Greek, Sumerian, and Ottoman Turkish). She's read many books even while still on Themyscira, and her century of living in "Man's World" after World War I, all of which definitely makes her a wise woman. While she was initially naive when it came to dealing with people in the world in general, she has learned to blend in and hold her own in the world of man. Over the years she has learned to know when to fight and when the battle’s already lost. Going back to her warrior upbringing, Diana was taught how to fight, but she was also taught how to successfully engage the enemy. Her aunt, Antiope taught her that there is a very big difference between fighting and engaging the enemy. Fighting involves just brute strength and power, and truly, anyone can fight. Engaging the enemy takes an entirely different set of strengths. Being able to engage the enemy, one must learn to basically read the mind and the movements of their opponent.

She’s also very blunt, thinking that honesty is the best way to go about things. She doesn't set out to hurt feelings, but she doesn't want her motives to ever be able to be questioned. She's stubborn and when she sets her mind on something, it's a little difficult to steer her away from that, as seen when Steve had to talk her into not charging off straight to battle when they reached London. Her hardheadedness can get her into trouble, but overall Diana has learned to try to stay away from unnecessary conflict.

Diana truly and fully believes in peace. It is after all the reason she left her home and her family. She views fighting as a last resort, but she still often finds herself engaging in combat anyway. She tries to understand both sides of a conflict to the fullest, and usually succeeds in reaching a solution that harms the least number of people. She always holds hope close to her heart, choosing to see the good in everyone instead of the darkness that can so easily overshadow the light. Diana is no longer naive, but she still retains a kind of innocence that is so important for what she wants to accomplish. It seems like an impossible dream, to make "peace on Earth" happen. But she has faith, and she counts on the people she has sworn to protect to have the same faith in her. There are times when some people manage to piss her off, and the result isn’t pretty. It takes a lot to make her lose her temper, but it’s not advisable to test the limits of that. Despite being an advocate of peace, Diana is still an Amazon and a warrior. She is a highly-skilled and will do what she has to in order to protect the innocent.

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mini bio
Name: Diana Prince
Canon: DC
Scrubs Color: Black
Visible Age: Mid-Twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Physique: Slender but muscular
Complexion: naturally tanned
Hygiene: She is always well put together and takes care of herself.
Hair: Dark brown and falls past shoulders
Eyes: Brown
Defining Marks: n/a
Accent/Speech: She speaks with a visible accent, most likely Greek - but it's not think or heavy.
Bearing/Demeanor: Diana holds herself proudly having been raised as both a princess and a warrior. But there is a kindness about her that's hard to ignore.
Gait: Confident
Habits: coming soon
Skills: coming soon


  • 1 white cotton tank top
  • 1 cotton scrub-style shirt in a color designated in your acceptance details
  • 1 pair cotton scrub-style trousers in the same color
  • 1 pair white cotton briefs
  • 1 white cotton bra, if appropriate
  • 1 pair white cotton socks
  • 1 pair brown leather hiking boots
  • 1 small waterproof black canvas backpack with a small flame insignia embroidered on the front
  • 1 set flannel “long johns” -- Underpants and undershirt
  • 1 set denim overalls
  • 2 pair white cotton socks
  • 1 pair thick gray wool socks
  • 1 thigh-length black wool peacoat
  • 3 pair white cotton briefs
  • 1 additional white cotton bra, if appropriate
  • 1 baseball cap in the same color as the scrubs, embroidered with the flame insignia

  • Diana Prince
    Wonder Woman